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Council Adopted Budget Highlights


The Economic Development and Budget Committee has passed its most inclusive and progressive budget to date, despite a pandemic and the unique challenges and obstacles presented during the historic statewide quarantine.


The Council’s adopted $816.5M budget reduced the Mayor’s $869.8M proposed budget by approximately $53 million, which includes aid for residents and businesses to help recover from impacts of COVID-19.


Additional funding was allocated for organizations and programs that will help expand the food security and sustainability we need to grow a more diversified economy for Maui County. The budget also included necessary funding to maintain critical infrastructure, programs and services for our residents.


Some key highlights of the budget targeting needs in the areas of economic development, infrastructure, critical programs and services, as well as, environmental protection are listed below. 


 Economic Development

  •  $1M for Workforce Business Development in rural areas

  •  $2.5M microgrant program for local farmers

  •  Over $4.3M for Agricultural promotion including agricultural co-ops, school garden networks and farming programs

  •  $500,000 for technology in business promotion

  •  $285,000 for the MEO Microenterprise Program



  •  $400,000 for assorted Central Maui Landfill improvements

  •  Over $4.5M for various needed maintenance, new construction and reconstruction at County parks, gyms and community hall facilities on all 3 islands

  •  $175,000 to address coastal erosion issues at Ma’alaea

  •  $6.25M for Countywide Road Resurfacing and Pavement Preservation Projects


 Programs and Services

  •  $100,000 to provide and support food security for unsheltered persons

  •  $1M for island-specific feral animal control management on all three islands

  •  $100,000 to commence the Clean and Safe program in Paia Town

  •  $1.5M for the Kupuna Care Program

  •  $90,000 for the Domestic Violence Investigations Program


 Environment Protection

  •  $200,000 is for an implementation program to maintain and protect South Maui wetlands.

  •  $213,000 for soil and water conservation on Maui, Molokai and Lanai. 

  •  $1.7M for Invasive Species Eradication Programs

  •  $275,000 for the Renewable Energy Programs Grant

  •  Over $2.1M for Countywide Watershed Protection programs


 Affordable Housing

  •  $25.6M for the Section 8 Housing Program

  •  $2M for the Lanai Affordable Housing project

  •  $4M for the Lokenani Hale Affordable Senior Rental Housing 

  •  $1,508,558 for Ikaika ‘Ohana's 64 multi-family unit affordable housing project in Kihei

  •  $4.3M for the ​Liloa Senior Housing project a 150-unit multi-family affordable rental project in Kihei

  •  $5,768,650 for the Hale o Pi‘ikea project, a 90-unit multi-family affordable rental project

  •  $432,100 for the ‘Ohana Zone - Kahului Affordable Housing for Homeless Families 

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